The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

Student Comments

The success of OPUS is both reflected in, and has been inspired by, the comments of its participants. Actively involved in this program and its development and secure in the knowledge of our policy of openness, honesty, and a genuine desire to help, it is our students who have shaped and contributed to countless improvements, big and small, in our pursuit of excellence, and it is to them that we pay tribute.

Set out below are a few comments from several hundred similar testimonials received in written evaluations from participants since the Program began over 20 years ago. 

Significantly, and unique in any program, is the consistency of perception over the years.


“I loved being here! It was an amazing experience where I got to interact with people from backgrounds and cultures I’d never met before. I only wish I could have stayed longer and gotten more chances to be in College.”  J.J. Washington University, Trinity 2016

“It was an amazing experience! So informative and life changing.” OPUS Administration, “OPUS was the perfect support system in Oxford. They gave us freedom but were still there for us.”  T.B. Azusa Pacific University, Hilary Term 2015

“This program has been a spectacular experience for me, and afforded me with a great opportunity to study at Oxford while allowing for many other trips and experiences to be made. I met wonderful peers here but will hopefully sustain in the long lasting friendships, and the administration was always very kind, attentive and proactive.”  Overall experience in Oxford, “These six weeks have been absolutely wonderful, and my time here will always remain one of my most fond memories. The tutorial was incredibly enlightening and pleasantly challenging. The experience of the city itself was beautiful, and one quite unparallel.” K.C. Iona University, Trinity Term 2015

“LOVED the program and was run VERY well. Thank you!!” Overall Experience, “It was better than expected. To sum up in one word: SURREAL.” J.P. Eastern Michigan University, Trinity Term 2015

I really loved my time here. I am thankful I was able to study in such a unique way. I felt like I learned the most I ever have in a semester, even though I only took three classes. It was an incredible experience.” A.B. Azusa Pacific University, Michaelmas Term 2015

“Overall positive! So much work is put into us having a good experience, thank you for putting so much into this! My overall experience is everything I could have asked for and more. Would not change my experience for the world.”  K.D. Azusa Pacific University, Michaelmas Term 2015

“The OPUS administration is incredibly helpful, they respond to student needs in a timely manner, offer many helpful items for loan and organise fun activities and trips. Experience in Oxford, I thoroughly enjoyed my Oxford experience. Tutorials were challenging and helped me to learn immensely. Activities were exciting and immersing in Oxford culture was incredible. A wonderful time.” J.G. Azusa Pacific University, Michaelmas Term 2015

“I enjoyed my time in Oxford, truly, it was a once in a lifetime experience. From high table dinners, to studying in the Radcliffe Camera, to Oxford Union debates, to program trips to the countryside. I will take away a lot of wonderful memories from my study abroad experience that very few can claim. I was especially thankful for the two built-in travel breaks we had throughout term, as schoolwork sometimes overwhelmed out lives, I was glad that I could still travel and see a lot of Europe like the rest of my friends who are studying abroad, and spend a lot of time in the places I went, too, instead of just going for a weekend. A truly wonderful experience, I will treasure for the rest of my life.  Thank you.”  B.N. Hendrix College, Michaelmas Term 2015

“I thought the program did an amazing job on tending to its students. Deepak and Carol both were in constant communication. They were there to help us when we needed it, they checked in on how we were all settling in, and how our tutorials were doing. I never felt like I was stranded here. The program did a great job of setting things up, things for us to do as well as provide answered to any other travel questions. I will speak very highly of this program.” K.B. Eastern Michigan University, Hilary Term 2014

“This was a great program, I would highly recommend it to other students.”  P.S. Catholic University, Hilary Term 2014

“You guys are fantastic, attentive, knowledgeable, personable”.

“Everything is run efficiently. My emails were returned quickly and any questions I had were all answered. Both Deepak and Carol are lovely to talk to and are very helpful”. My Overall Experience in Oxford,I have enjoyed it immensely, I can’t wait to return next term”. A.B. Catholic University, Michaelmas Term 2013

It was brilliant. I am a better person because of it.” K.A. Azusa Pacific University, Michaelmas Term 2013

Everything is run efficiently. My emails were returned quickly and any questions I had were all answered. Both Deepak and Carol are lovely to talk to and are very helpful”. I have enjoyed it immensely, I can’t wait to return next term”. A.B. Catholic University, Michaelmas Term 2013

Oxford is an incredible place to live. Not only are the academics top-notch, but the city has a social life to match. The students know how to study and they know how to party. It is an atmosphere like no other.    J.C. University of California San Diego, Trinity 2000

OPUS is a great experience for American students, Oxford is a lovely small city that has almost everything picky Americans want! And the tutorial system was a challenging one that still allowed time to have fun. I’ve had a great time even though I can’t find the words to put a finger on the impact and impression Oxford has had on me.”   E.J. George Mason University, Michaelmas 1999

Honestly, one term in this fine institution is not enough. I wish I had opted earlier to stay longer. It has been a rewarding experience to say the least.”
A.P. University of Rochester, Michaelmas 1998

I don’t want to leave. This has been the most noteworthy experience of my life. I won’t forget it, ever.”
M.M. Cornell University, Trinity 1998

Every day in Oxford is a life in itself.”
N.F. Washington University, Michaelmas 1995

I think coming to Oxford was the best decision I ever made. I regret, however only staying for one term.
A.D. SUNY Albany, Michaelmas 1992



Orientation was very informative, fun, intensive, I really enjoyed it!
K.U. George Mason University, Michaelmas 2000

Orientation was very useful, especially since we came here knowing absolutely nothing. It also gave us a chance to meet other students. I belonged to New College Rowing and Oxford University Tennis. Both are invaluable experiences that I would recommend.”
J.C. University of California San Diego, Michaelmas 1999

I found Orientation extremely useful. There was quite a bit of information, but everything needed to be said. Not too long because of breaks.”
K.B. DePauw University, Hilary 1996

The Orientation was very useful and informative – I think it covered all the ‘basics’ of living in Oxford.
K.W. Hartwick College, Michaelmas 1994


“My tutors were so great this term! Ben for my International Relations course was one of the smartest people I’ve met and he was so kind and patient. Melanie, for my music course was also very sweet and she put together many notes for each tutorial and always made me feel comfortable as if we were just having a conversation.”    P.B. James Madison University, Trinity Term 2016

“My tutor LW was fantastic. He perfectly balanced the lessons with the readings and essays, and was always helpful and responsive.”                                                                                                     J.G. Washington University, Trinity Term 2016

 “I had one tutor, she was fantastic!  She was extremely knowledgeable and gave great instruction during our tutorials.”    J.L. Washington University, Trinity 2016

“My tutors were both wonderful, Dr. H was incredibly knowledgeable, and let me guide the tutorial in my interests.  MS was more structured and also made learning the material incredibly interesting. Union – went to a majority of events, Bacchus wine tasting Society and Oxford University Conservative Association – Port and Policy.”     A.N. Washington University, Trinity Term 2016

“I loved the tutorial system, and felt very happy with my tutors. The workload was not too much, and I did not feel too rushed. I loved my tutors and felt that I really learned a lot from our discussions in our tutorials. Juliane Sachschal and Sian Worth are both excellent tutors.”  A.B. Azusa Pacific University, Michaelmas Term 2015

“I was amazed by the exceptional quality of teaching and I learned a lot during the eight weeks. I also appreciated the fact that my tutors treated me the same as other Oxford students”
M.W. Tennessee State University, Michaelmas 2000

“Tutorials are so class that I am not looking forward to going back to lectures. Perhaps I can establish tutorials at my home University”
D.C. Washington University, Trinity 2000

“The tutorial system in Oxford is excellent – I learned a lot and it was very challenging, but fun, I think I will came back for another degree!”
J.M. Dartmouth, Hilary 2000

My tutors – both absolutely wonderful! Very helpful, very knowledgeable, very good/open minded to new thoughts, etc.”
G. C. St Edward’s University, Michaelmas 1999

“Both AH and SP (tutors) were sensitive, intelligent, and eager to discuss with me, not lecture at me. This was a first for me. Their criticism of my essays was very helpful”.
R.F. Cornell University, Hilary 1997

“The tutorial system is, simply put, the highest quality education possible to receive. The work load is intense – a bit more than I expected.”
M.L. DePauw University, Trinity 1996

“I loved my tutors! They are both very intelligent and interesting women whom I feel lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with. I really learned a lot through their instruction.”
K. Y. University of Buffalo, Hilary 1996



“My housing was just wonderful!”
A.T. Kumamoto University, Japan Trinity 2000

“The housing accomodations are great. They are a real strength of the program.”
S.S. De Pauw University, Hilary 2000

“The laser printer and computers are awesome, and we made good use of them.”
D.R. Washington University, Hilary 1999

“Great location, beautiful houses. This is the best housing I’ve gotten as a student in four years.”
K. B. Drexel University, Trinity 1998

“The students should be told that the housing is exceptional. I was awaiting a run down flat, and I found one much nicer than apartments in the states.”
E.M. SUNY Geneseo, Trinity 1996

“Very pleased with housing accommodations. No problems.”   A.S.B. University of Rochester, Hilary 1996

“I was very happy with my housing, it was comfortable, well located and ‘homely’.”
F.U. University of MD at College Park, Michaelmas 1995

“Housing was excellent. Problems which arose were dealt with quickly and efficiently.”
M.K. University of Toronto, Michaelmas 1993


Social Integration

“I attended all of them (OPUS trips) and they were all phenomenal. I love Oxford and wish to come back.”                                                                                                                                                  K.S. James Madison University, Trinity Term 2016

Oxford Union membership was a huge part of my abroad experience.  Trips were all great!  I am glad we were able to explore other cities in the UK that I probably wouldn’t have gone to otherwise”.  H.O. Washington University, Trinity Term 2016

“I thought the OPUS trips were excellent – especially the London weekend. That was amazing. “
M.H. Mary Washington, Michaelmas 2000

“Joining the Lincoln basketball team was great. I got to know a few more people here and got to participate in athletics at a collegiate level which I can’t do at home.”
S. R. UCLA, Michaelmas 2000

“The Oxford Bach Choir was an amazing experience! Superb quality singing, extraordinary directors but in a relaxed setting – loved my time with the choir.”
A. B. George Washington, Michaelmas 2000

“The Union Society is a wonderful place. Being an American, I got away with not being teased for being too posh, and free entrance to the Purple Turtle is key.”
A. G. Dartmouth College, Hilary 2000

“The trips were very well organized, usually a perfect amount of time allotted at each location.”
M. A. SUNY Geneseo, Hilary 2000

I really enjoyed every single tour. They were great. Thank you. The program was great, I had a fantastic time. I really enjoyed my studies, and staying at Oxford.”
A.S. George Mason University, Michaelmas 1999

“Rowing, I cannot stress how good Hertford’s boat club has been to me this year – socially, athletically. I would not know anyone at Hertford unless I had rowed. The regattas are great fun and the boat club dinners are really great.”
J.F. SUNY Albany, Trinity 1999

“The tours are a great way to see some of England. It’s great not having to plan or pay for anything.”
M. C. Cornell University, Trinity 1999

“Teddy (St Edmund) Hall is the friendliest college in the world, I know 70% of the students by name… A place to go for real interaction.”
N. F. Washington University, Michaelmas 1995

“The JCR was very good. I was able to hang out there, feel comfortable, play tennis…”
D.L. Washington University, Trinity 1995

“The Union Society was excellent. The debates and speakers were amazing.”
R. T. Colgate University, Hilary 1994

“The events I attended were all enjoyable. The welcoming dinner was a great way to experience Oxford traditions and the trips were well planned.”
C. C. Davidson College, Michaelmas 1994

“The OPUS tours and events are FANTASTIC! They should definitely be continued.”
M. K. University of Toronto, Michaelmas 1993


Administration & Overall

“I loved my 6 months here immensely. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”   A.N. Washington University, Trinity Term 2016

Administration was accessible and helpful. The program overall was well organized and made the transition quite smooth. Overall, a Unforgettable trip. Many memories to bring home with me.”   J.L. Washington University, Trinity 2016

“I am very pleased with my experience in Oxford it was challenging but very rewarding and I learned so much!  I wish I had gotten more involved, but that just comes with good timemanagement.”   P.B. James Madison University, Trinity Term 2016

“Everyone was helpful, prompt, good natured, etc. A thousand blessing on them! The program was so wonderful in that it fully integrated students into the Oxford culture. Other programs…..limit intercultural exchange, not OPUS”.   J.B. SUNY Buffalo, Hilary 2001

“My overall impression is that OPUS is the best program available for Americans wishing to study abroad.”
A. B. Mercyhurst College, Michaelmas 2000

“I am so pleased with everything in this program and Oxford. I am grateful for all the help of everyone and I would not change this experience for anything.”
M. D. SUNY Brockport, Michaelmas 2000

“Everyone has been very helpful!! I felt very safe, looked after, and genuinely cared about by everyone associated with the program.”
M.M. SUNY Geneseo, Hilary 1999

“Everyone has been wonderful! Attentive and responsive to any problems that arose which were few, if any.”
D.C. SUNY Stonybrook, Hilary 1999

“It was excellent; I’d recommend it to friends”
P. U. University of Maryland, Michaelmas 1998

“DM (Program Director) is very organized, helpful, friendly and informative. I am grateful to have had his help during my stay. Excellent administrator.”
M.K. Washington University, Trinity 1998

“OPUS is top-notch. I have learned a lot and my experience has been indescribable!”
K.B University of Tennessee, Hilary 1998

“OPUS does a very good job overall; everything seems to run very smoothly. Tutor placement was excellent.”
E.G. Washington University, Hilary 1998

“The best aspect of the program is its assiduous concern for the students.”
T.K. Washington University, Michaelmas 1997

“I do feel that OPUS is a good program and I received a lot from it. The best aspects are placement, housing, tutors and colleges.”
K.C. Nazareth College, Michaelmas 1996

“The program offers a quality ‘experience’ – Oxford, the tours, faculty/student mixers. After talking to other Americans on different programs I rate OPUS highly – best at Oxford.”
M.L. DePauw University, Trinity 1996

“It was wonderful to be driven straight from the airport to our new residence, and I certainly hope that it is continued.”
K.R. Johns Hopkins University, Trinity 1995

“I think OPUS is doing an excellent job, the academics were what I’d expected and I felt attention was given if I required it.”
M.B. Colgate University, Hilary 1995

“I have talked to people in many of the rival programs…and I have no doubt OPUS is superior in every way, the accommodation, the academic program, the social integration, and its special events. DM is one of the most competent persons I have known.”
N.F. Washington University, Michaelmas 1995

“I appreciate the easy going friendly approach.”
A.M. Cornell University, Trinity 1994

“OPUS is a wonderful program. I am so glad I had this opportunity to study abroad. DM is extremely organized and extremely helpful. He saw that we were all settled in properly and then checked on us periodically. He resolved any problems quickly and compassionately. He is one of the best aspects of the program.”
M. O. SUNY Geneseo, Michaelmas 1993

“I believe that OPUS is definitely meeting its primary objective. The best aspects of the Program are the people and the flexibility they give the students.”
M.B. Duke University, Michaelmas 1993

“I think OPUS is an exceptional program and I’m so pleased to have been a part of it. It was extremely effective for me and I hope all future OPUS students have as great an experience as I did.”
J.L. SUNY Geneseo, Trinity 1993

“The program is anyone’s dream and was beyond any expectations I could ever perceive. Keep up the Program’s thoroughness and it will remain a success for years to come.”
M.B. SUNY Stonybrook, Trinity 1993