The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

Dates, Credits and Arrival

THE ACADEMIC year at the University of Oxford is made up of three terms:

      • Michaelmas   (Oct – Dec)
      • Hilary             (Jan – Mar)
      • Trinity             (Apr- Jun)

The core teaching in Oxford takes place during these terms. For the Michaelmas and Hilary Terms students are required to complete additional academic work by their home university. These students will complete additional introductory group tutorials, selected from C S Lewis, Shakespeare, or British Politics.


The dates for the current academic year 2023/24 are:


  Michaelmas Hilary Trinity
Arrival in Oxford: 31 Aug 2023 04 Jan 2024 18 April
Orientation: 01 Sep 2023 05 Jan 2024 19 April
Pre-term Travel: 23 Sep 2023 N/A N/A
Back in Oxford: 1 Oct 2023 N/A N/A
Start of Zero Week: 2 Oct 2023 08 Jan 2024 * 15 Apr 2024 *
Travel Break: 05 Dec 2023 21 Mar 2024 + 13 Jun 2024
Final Departure: 12 Dec 2023 03 Apr 2024 + 20 Jun 2024


The dates for the next academic year 2024/25 are:


  Michaelmas Hilary Trinity
Arrival in Oxford: 05 Sep 2024 09 Jan 2025 24 April 2025
Orientation: 06 Sep 2024 10 Jan 2025 25 April 2025
Pre-term Travel: 27 Sep 2024 N/A N/A
Back in Oxford: 06 Oct 2024 N/A N/A
Start of Zero Week: 07 Oct 2024 13 Jan 2025 * 21 Apr 2025 *
Travel Break: 07 Dec 2024 27 Mar 2025 + 20 Jun 2025
Final Departure: 12 Dec 2024 09 Apr 2025 + 26 Jun 2025


Students may participate for the extended Michaelmas Term, Sept-Dec (15 credits),  the combined Hilary and Trinity Terms, Jan-Jun (24 credits) or the Trinity Term, Apr-Jun (12 credits).   There is also an option to participate for our shortest programme of six weeks in Late Trinity, details as below.

It is not possible at present to apply for the full academic year (all three terms) continuously which would require Tier 4 licencing.  OPUS is not Tier 4 listed.

Students are required to prepare 12 essays every term.  Each essay earns one US semester credit. For the extended Michaelmas Term there is a further requirement to complete a seminar course (group tutorials) worth three US semester credits, for a total equivalent of 15 US credits each term.


Students may arrive in Oxford at any time between 0900 and 1500 on the arrival date indicated.  If there is a possibility of arriving after 1500, or if you are delayed on the arrival day, please email or phone the office for advice.  There is free wi-fi  on the bus from the airport.

Orientation is mandatory.  Students who miss Orientation are not permitted to participate on the programme.

Students attending for two consecutive terms are entitled to housing during the intervening travel break.  Housing assignments may change for subsequent terms, however housing during travel break will always be provided.  There is no requirement for students to store their luggage or carry it while travelling!


* Students who are continuing from the previous term are permitted to be back in Oxford one week AFTER these dates for the Hilary and Trinity Terms respectively.

+ Students participating for the combined Hilary and Trinity Terms are exempt from group tutorials and may begin their travel break TEN DAYS earlier.  The final departure date indicated for Hilary Term refers to ONE term only students, two term Hilary & Trinity students will depart in June.



The Late Trinity (Summer) Term

It is possible to attend the six week Late Trinity Term from May to June and earn six credits in one subject. This is the period when the spring semester at many US universities is just ending but the academic year at Oxford University has several weeks further to run.

The relevant dates are:

Late Trinity 2024:  Arrival 14 May 2024, Departure 20 June 2024.

Late Trinity 2025:  Arrival: 15 May 2025, Departure 26 June 2025.

Increasingly popular in recent years as the most affordable option, Late Trinity provides the shortest experience of the tutorial method.  Not generally recommended, as it so short, but sometimes the only feasible option for some students. Trinity is easily the nicest term in Oxford with warm weather, long daylight hours, and a raft of activities.  An excellent way to hone writing skills for an Honours thesis.